ProBliva Oily Hair & Scalp Shampoo


Treats Dandruff – Includes Zinc PCA – Paraben-Free – for Women & Men – Hair Loss Product – Heals & Restores Damaged Hair & Scalp



EFFECTIVELY TREATS OILY HAIR & SCALP: ProBliva Oily Hair & Scalp Shampoo treats unwanted oiliness so you can have the the normal hair & scalp you’ve been trying to achieve. It regulates oil production from sebaceous glands.
PARABEN-FREE: Our formula is paraben-free. So it’s gentle, yet strong enough to fight your oily hair & scalp and even dandruff. Don’t worry much about any irritation, but only focus on getting healthy, shiny hair.
TREATS BUILT-UP RESIDUE & DANDRUFF: We know the uncomfortable feeling to have noticeably flaky scalp and strong irritating itchiness. Say goodbye to it all! Our shampoo also removes dirt, product built-up, bacteria, and fungi.
ZINC PCA: ZINC PCA does so much for your hair & scalp! This key ingredient helps reduce oiliness, sebum as well as fight dandruff and even scalp psoriasis. It also inhibits DHT accumulation which causes hair loss and thinning.
RESTORES, HEALS DAMAGED HAIR & SCALP: ProBliva Oily Hair & Scalp Shampoo contains regenerative healing benefits as vitamins are deeply infused into the scalp. It also stimulates blood flow and scalp micro-circulation for better healing of damaged hair & scalp.


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